Why we offer the possibility to make a donation:  

As you might or might not know, MalePhotography S|T|O|R|E was created to finance the work of MalePhotographyEurope.

MalePhotographyEurope is a team of photographers that have a passion for organising photo shoots with handsome models from all over the world and of course these shoots come with lots of costs.The equipment, working hours, editing, etc. need to be financed and MalePhotography S|T|O|R|E is one way of funding these shoots.

So by buying from our Store, you encourage team MalePhotographyEurope to organise more shoots, resulting in more fantastic products to appear here the Store.

However, some MalePhotographyEurope fans are not in the position to buy our products for various reasons, but the really want to support future work!

That is why we offer the possibility to make a donation.

Donate by clicking the "PayPal Donate" button below; Safe and secure payments through the PayPal portal - Team MalePhotographyEurope is more than grateful for any amount donated!